This is just the beginning of all the fun that people had with Town Manager Richard Canipe's 50th birthday. For more photos click here.

Ashlyn and Chandler while visiting over Thanksgiving. They live in Savannah, GA.

"Murphy In the Morning" shows off a model of the WTOE airplane (which is hanging on the Christmas tree). The plane, which Murphy rode in for the Christmas parade, currently only flies into the Murphy International Jetport.

What a way to start the day...this sunrise was Tuesday morning , January 11th.

This beautiful picture of the sun bursting through the clouds was captured
by Harvey Yoder.

This view of Shortoff Mountain at Linville Gorge was taken by Eddie Sparks.

A new sign has recently been erected at Town Hall in Spruce Pine. Photo by DannyYoung

New State Senator Keith Presnell with wife Michele and daughter Chris at Swearing-In Ceremony. Photo by Alicia J. McMahan.

This little tree, along with everything else, was covered in ice on Thursday morning, February 3rd. Area residents awoke to find ice on trees and roads and porches. This photo was taken by Sandra Matheny at her home.

This beautiful picture of a honeysuckle was taken by Harvey Yoder.

As every cat owner knows, cats have a mind of their own and don't necessarily cooperate when having their picture taken. See picture at right...

These two look and act like brothers even though they are not. As you can tell, they have a hard life...

Cat owner, WTOE's Dennis Renfro prevails and finally gets "Kitty Puss" to agree to this picture.

A great scenic shot of beautiful Mitchell County taken by Harvey Yoder.

This picture of Lake Tahoe, taken by Linda Brown is enough to make you want to jump in the car and take off for Nevada.

This was Thursday, the  17th, the Mitchell girls against Heritage. Mitchell girls lost their game against Newton-Conover Tuesday night the 22nd to end their season. Both Mitchell teams put a good effort into the season, the players had a great attitude and we are proud of them all! Photo by Mike Thornhill.

Avery High 10th grader Lauren Jaynes has been selected to perform the National Anthem at the 2005 State Wrestling Championships in Winston Salem.

This guy, "DJ" is named after Dale Jarrett, the race car driver.

This picture was taken at a house on Carter's Ridge Road in Spruce Pine on Monday, February 28th. The heavy, wet snow caused some power outages.

Michelle Wheeler got this cute kitty a few months ago from Mitchell County Animal Rescue.  His name is Foxworthy, and he has his "blue collar" ready just in case Jeff and the other comedy guys come calling! 

More power outages for Spruce Pine...this time it wasn't snow but a landslide Sunday that caused power to be out for several hours. A large rock and several large trees slid down onto Oak Avenue in Spruce Pine, making it necessary to close the road leading into town.

My husband and I found this batch of kittens under our back porch in September of 1999. They were around 2 1/2 to 3 weeks old when their mother disappeared and we brought them in. After bottle feeding them for some time, we took two to the Mitchell County Animal Shelter where they were adopted out to good homes. We ended up keeping four...or, as my husband says, I ended up keeping four. It was a tiring and very rewarding experience, but also a bit of proof that we should really be spaying/neutering our pets. If we hadn't found these kittens and started keeping an eye on them and their mother, when she disappeared (probably hit by a car) there wouldn't have been anyone to pick up where she left off, so to speak, and take care of them. If the mother cat's owner had made sure she was spayed to begin with, she would probably still be alive today. The four we kept (2 boys, 2 girls) are all spayed/neutered and are never allowed outside. They are perfectly healthy and very happy to sit in the window and watch the birds at the feeders. They also still like "sacking out" in the recliner, just like all 6 of them were in this picture. --Susan Bell

This photo was taken this morning (3/17) on Roaring Fork Road by Phyllis Wilson. Snow varied throughout the area from an inch to five inches plus.

North Carolina Living Treasures were honored at the Mitchell Chamber of Commerce quarterly meeting on Thursday night, March 17th. Pictured second from left, Billie Ruth Sudduth and Arval Woody. Pictured at right Bea and Mike Hensley. Photo by Doug Sudduth.

Will Walker with the big striper he caught on a recent fishing trip to Lake Hartwell, SC.

This kitty looks like a winner to me. He has been entered in a calendar contest. Move over Morris...Hollywood's the next step for this furry feline.

This picture, taken by Linda Brown, is appropriate for Easter, it is titled "Jesus Is Coming Soon".

 Another picture taken by Linda Brown, that shows the beautiful area we
 live in.

This view of Lake James from the top of Shortoff Mountain was taken by Eddie Sparks.

For more photos, click here.

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