This rainbow was captured  in Spruce Pine. Notice the very faint second rainbow off to the right.

This is the Seigler family from Arizona. Their great-grandmother lives in this area. She hopes to get to go visit them soon.

Crepe Myrtle is now in bloom in many parts of the county.

This is the meadow at Penland School of  Crafts.

Cletus and Little Joe prepare for their afternoon nap.

This picture was taken on Roan Mountain in late May. This lily is rare to see, most are eaten by deer and other wildlife.

All Aboard! Not exactly but there was a lot of nighttime activity at the train depot on Lower Street in Spruce Pine this week.

Can you guess what this is? These clouds were taken out the window of an airplane while one of our area residents was flying over Chicago.

This time of year you will see beautiful dahlias like these that were spotted at Jim Garofalo's house in Spruce Pine.

Better watch where you are driving around this house...look closely and you will see an Australian Shepherd and a tabby cat all spread out enjoying a sunny day on a gravel driveway!

Kyle Brindley graduated Mitchell High School in June. He moved to Barnegat Light, NJ where he is working as a Commercial Fisherman. Here he is pictured in front of his home with his Jack Russell Terrier, Sparky.

Tyler Hunt hustles onto the field. He is a water boy for South Davidson. His great uncle and aunt live in this area and wanted to share this photo.

On August 11th, two Mitchell County Transportation van drivers participated in the first annual High County "Roadeo" held in Boone. Sue Woody and Billie Thomas did an outstanding job representing the county. They were the only two women who were in this year's roadeo. Pictured  left to right, Billie Thomas, Barbara Buchanan, Sheila Grindstaff and Sue Woody.

Luke McKinney trying out a Craftsman lawn tractor at Sears in Spruce Pine. His proud grandparents are Danny and Susan Burleson of Spruce Pine.

Cody McKinney and Ricky Duncan are the announcers for Mitchell Mountaineer football--heard live Friday evenings at 7:15 on WTOE. For football pictures from the Mitchell/West Henderson game click here. Photo by Robert Slocum.

This picture from Ashland Mountain in Ledger was taken the morning after Hurricane Ivan came through. Photo by Phil Byrd.

Check out this 3-legged cat named Fizzy. Fizzy sleeps downstairs with his brother and sister. When the flood waters from Ivan came in at 4 am, Fizzy meowed--and meowed until he awakened his caretakers, who were asleep upstairs. They found the three cats wading through 4 inches of water! Fizzy has been hailed as a hero and all 3 cats are safe and dry.

Hannah Renner, age 9 is the daughter of Angela and Shane Renner. She is in 3rd grade.


Who is this clown? Dressed for Halloween?

Isn't he a doll? This little cutie was rescued several years ago and turned into the king of the household. Gismo's "mom" is me (Holly at WTOE). Send me your photos of your special "friends" and we'll be glad to post them too!

Click here for more photos.




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