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New Child Passenger Safety Law


If you have a child who just turned five and you've tossed their car safety seat, get ready to buy a new one. State law changes January 1st, requiring kids to use booster seats for three years longer. The current law allows parents get rid of child safety seats at age five or when children weigh more than 40 pounds. In the New Year however, kids will have to use safety or booster seats until they turn eight, or weigh 80 pounds. The new law is designed to protect kids who are older, but still too short to properly wear belts. If you break the new law, it'll cost you; a $125 fine and two points on your license.

Disaster Assistance for Tri-County Bridges


If you live in Avery, Mitchell or Yancey Counties and you have had bridge damage from recent floods and you need assistance from the State of North Carolina, you are encouraged to come to a tri-county “Disaster Assistance Center” at the Estatoe Fire Department, on Highway 19E, this Wednesday & Thursday (12/01 & 12/02) from 1 pm to 8 pm. Again, this is about bridge damage only!

Public Hearing on Industry Prospect for Yancey 


A public hearing has been set for tomorrow, at 7 pm, in the courtroom of the Yancey County Courthouse, to receive comment on proposed appropriations and expenditures for economic development. According to the public hearing notice, the county is ready to enter into a 7 year lease agreement with a metalworking business to locate at the former OMC building which is owned by the county. The rent payment will be $1 per year. The agreement may also provide a bargain sale of the building to the company at the end of the lease agreement. In return, the company will agree to create a certain level of employment, currently estimated at 300 plus jobs. The proposed appropriations and expenditures to be made by the county include site improvements which will cost about $200 thousand. The County expects grant funds to cover these costs. Tomorrow’s hearing will be held at 7 pm in the Commissioners Board Room, in the Yancey County Courthouse. The Commissioners are expected to take action concerning the proposed agreement and the related transactions immediately following the meeting.

Airport Evacuation


The Asheville Regional Airport was closed for a short time on Friday after an x-ray screener found a suspicious device in a passenger's briefcase. That man was detained while travelers were asked to leave the terminal around 10:30 Friday morning. The runway was closed and no flights were allowed to arrive or depart. An explosives device team from the Asheville Police Department and the F.B.I were called to the scene. Experts examined the man's briefcase for over two hours to ensure none of the items in it were dangerous. The airport was reopened around 12:45. What was in inside the briefcase; some computer equipment and other items, but nothing that was dangerous.

Health Care in Yancey gets boost 


Yancey County’s Family and Children Services complex, located behind the Yancey Campus of Mayland Community College, got a financial boost Wednesday when 11th District Congressman Charles Taylor presented a check to the county for $1 million. Taylor said it’s essential to have a hospital presence in smaller counties. He said the proposed Yancey Health Complex and its association with Mission Hospital is a good partnership for healthcare for area citizens. When completed, the primary care facility will offer pediatrics, family medicine, plus mental health and social services all in one location. Congressman Taylor also presented Yancey Schools with a check for $50 thousand to support their student vocational program at Heritage High School, that will partnership with Mayland Community College and Habitat For Humanity to provide housing and establish a path for potential jobs and business start-ups in the construction industry.

Methamphetamine Labs Are on the Rise 


Until 2000, the SBI busted fewer than 10 Methamphetamine labs per year. In 2001 and 2002 that number began to increase and the SBI expects 300 Meth labs to be busted by the end of this year. So far, in 2004, Yancey County authorities have busted 9 Meth Labs, four of them since October 28th. The discovery of a container of chemicals used in a Meth Lab at the Mitchell-Yancey County Landfill, led to the seizer of a Meth Lab from the residence of Randall Chandler, on Blankenship Creek Road, in Burnsville. Another lab was busted in his residence on November 6th. He was charged with several drug felonies and is being held in jail under a $32 thousand secured bond. On November 14th, a mobile Meth Lab was removed from a vehicle being operated by Mary Jo Frazier, from Johnson City. The car was parked at the end of Weatherman Road, in Newdale. Information obtained from the mobile lab led to a search of the residence of Billy Ray Love of Crabtree Mobile Home Park, in the Estatoe Community of Mitchell County. A  November 15th search of Love’s residence, by Mitchell and Yancey Deputies and SBI agents, turned up one of the largest Meth Labs ever located in Western North Carolina. Frazier & Love were charged with several drug felonies and are currently in jail, under bonds in the amount of $171 thousand.  

Baxter Receives Golden Eagle Award 


AdvantageWest, a public/private economic development organization, presented its “Golden Eagle Awards,” last week, recognizing leadership and significant investments to Western North Carolina’s economy. A Golden Eagle Award for Community Investment was presented to Baxter Healthcare, near Marion, the largest manufacturing operation in the Western North Carolina. Baxter has over 25 hundred employees at their McDowell County facility.  

Holiday Travel


Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times in the year. The state highway patrol is gearing up for safety. The law enforcement agency will have extra patrols throughout the weekend to look for speeders, drunk drivers and other problems. Troopers in the 17 western counties will be targeting aggressive drivers. You are urged to watch your speed, watch out for others, don’t drink and drive and buckle up.

NCAE Brings Money and School Supplies 


Members of the North Carolina Association of Educators were in mountain counties last week bringing school supplies and money to school systems impacted by recent hurricanes. Association executive director Kelvin Spragley .The check amount for each county is $500. Lissa Jo McMahon, the Mitchell County NCAE President says most of the funds received will be divided between two students whose homes were totally destroyed by storms, one is in the third grade at Deyton and one is in the first grade at Greenlee. Susan Ball, the Yancey County NCAE President says the funds will be used for children at South Toe Elementary whose homes were damaged and to Micaville Elementary School which was damaged. They will also consider funds for Bee Log Elementary.  


Newland Man Charged with Assaulting Mother 


Avery Deputies were called to the residence of Joseph Estes, Jr. and his mother Gloria Estes on Baxter Hughes Road, in Newland. When they arrived, officers found Gloria Estes had been assaulted by her son. They also found marijuana in the residence in plain view. The suspect Joseph Estes, Jr. had left the scene. He was found at a residence on Banner Hill, in Newland. More controlled substance was found in his vehicle. Newland Police charged Mr. Estes with assault, inflicting serious injury and communicating threats as well as possession of illegal drugs and with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver illegal drugs. Estes is in the Avery County jail under a $25 thousand bond.

Traffic Fatality in Madison 


The NC Highway Patrol is reporting a traffic fatality in Madison County. According to Trooper Kirkpatrick, a vehicle went off the right side of the road at Bailey’s Branch Road and Snowbird Lane and struck a bridge culvert. The victim has been identified as Judith Ann Shelton, age 60, of 379 Tater Gap Road, Marshall.

Madison Cemetery Vandals


Authorities say two teens, age 16 & 17, damaged almost a hundred graves at a mountain cemetery. Marshall Police say the two knocked-over dozens of tombstones at the Bowman Rector Cemetery in Marshall, doing more than half a million dollars damage. Both teens face seven felony counts of grave desecration

Fatal Stabbing


More details have been released on a fatal stabbing in Rutherford County. Authorities say 37 year-old Danny Adams stabbed 33 year-old Floyd Lovelace, Junior in the chest during a fight Wednesday night at the McDade Townhouses in Forest City. Adams was originally charged with first degree murder; he's now facing voluntary manslaughter. The two men had a history of not getting along and there was no premeditation involved. Adams remains in the Rutherford County jail on 100 thousand dollars bond.

A 911 Call for Help 


Law enforcement officers in Avery County responded to a 911 call Tuesday at 6:45 pm, to the residence of Michael & Heather Teaster of Banner Creek Road, in Banner Elk. The 911 came from the couple’s minor son who said his father was choking his mother. Officers from Banner Elk, Sugar Mountain and the Avery Sheriff’s Department responded immediately. When they arrived, they found Mrs. Teaster in a bedroom, she was semi-conscious. She was taken to Cannon Memorial for treatment. Three minor children were in the home. Michael Teaster was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury, assault on a female, and assault inflicting serious injury with minors present. He was released from jail after posting a $28,500 secured bond. He has December 21, 2004, court date.

Mitchell Commissioners Endorse Master Plan 


Mitchell County Commissioners have passed a resolution supporting a master plan being formulated by the County’s 21st Century Community Steering Committee. Bakersville Mayor Chuck Vines says the plan will identify areas in the county that may become problem areas for water and sewer. One of the top concerns is the old wells and the sewer system at Mitchell High School. Plans would be developed at running water and sewer from Spruce Pine to Ledger and the High School. Cost estimates are $1.7 million for water and $1.7 million for sewer. The project is about 2-3 years away. The NC Department of Commerce established the 21st Century Community program to help economically distressed areas.

Rutherford County Killing


An apparent domestic violence dispute turned deadly in Rutherford County Wednesday night. Investigators say Flyod Lovelace Jr. was killed at an apartment complex off Piney Ridge Road. Authorities arrested Daniel Adams shortly after 10 p.m. Wednesday. No information about charges against the accused were available.

No Smoking at Mission & St Jo’s


As of midnight Monday night smoking is prohibited anywhere on the Mission and Saint Joseph campuses. That means no one is allowed to light up inside or outside of the hospital grounds including in the parking area. The goal is to encourage more people to kick the habit and keep second-hand smoke away. If you are caught smoking you will be asked to put out the cigarette. Nicotine replacement products will be available in the gift shop at a reduced cost.

FEMA Registration 


Homeowners, renters and business owners, in disaster-declared counties, have until Friday, December 17, 2004, to apply for assistance by calling the toll-free registration number; 1-800-621-FEMA. This number is available 6 am to midnight, 7 days a week until further notice. Assistance applications for Ivan include 744 from Avery County, Madison with 159, McDowell 119, Mitchell 277 and Yancey with 356 applications. 

Recount in Mitchell County 


Mitchell County Board of Elections conducted a recount, Tuesday, of the ballots cast in the November 2nd General Election. The recount was asked for in two races Board of Education and Board of Commissioners.  For Board of Education, the race in question was the number two position between Larry Fortner and Roger Burleson. Two seats were available on the board; incumbent Kathy Miller was the top vote getter and will serve another term. The other position will be filled by incumbent Larry Fortner, the recount vote gave him 3,477, and Roger Burleson received 3,470. 

For County Commissioner, it wasn’t about who was elected, but rather about how long each commissioner would serve. Elected were Mike Hensley, Jim Saylor and Phil Byrd. The top two will serve 4 year terms and the number 3 candidate will serve a 2 year term. Mike Hensley was the top vote getter and will serve a 4 year term. Tuesday’s recount has Jim Saylor with 4,862 votes and Phil Byrd with 4,855 votes. Jim Saylor will serve a 4 year term and Phil Byrd will serve a 2 year term.

300 Plus Jobs Coming to Yancey 


It appears Yancey County is ready to make a major announcement that could mean 300 or more jobs for the area. A public hearing has been set for Tuesday, November 30, 2004, at 7 pm, to receive comment on proposed appropriations and expenditures for economic development.  According to the public hearing notice, the county is ready to enter into a 7 year lease agreement with a metalworking business to locate at the former OMC building which is owned by the county. The rent payment will be $1 per year. The agreement may also provide a bargain sale of the building to the company at the end of the lease agreement. In return, the company will agree to create a certain level of employment, currently estimated at 300 plus jobs. The proposed appropriations and expenditures to be made by the county include site improvements which will cost about $200 thousand. The County expects grant funds to cover these costs. The hearing will be held in the Commissioners Board Room, in the Yancey County Courthouse. The Commissioners are expected to take action concerning the proposed agreement and the related transactions immediately following the meeting. Click here to view Public Hearing Notice.

McDonald's Break-Ins


Marion Police says a recent promotion at McDonald’s made the food packaging as good as currency. The fast-food chain gave away "Best Buy Bucks." The one-dollar pieces were attached to food containers. More than 2500 French fry and chicken nugget boxes were stolen. Authorities say the theft could add up to thousands of dollars worth of electronics at Best Buy stores. So far, no arrests have been made.

Nearly $1.7 Million in NC Refund Checks Go Undelivered


The Internal Revenue Service is looking for 24 hundred North Carolina taxpayers whose income tax refund check could not be delivered. The following is a list (supplied by the IRS) of people in our area who are due a refund check, but the check could not be delivered.

Avery County:

Martin & Maria Del Carmen Pedraza, Newland.

Madison County:

Adam Hunter, Mars Hill

Warren B. Ledbetter, Mars Hill

Bobby T. Sams, Mars Hill

Mitchell County:

Elizabeth S. Banks, Spruce Pine

Ashley N. Bowman, Spruce Pine

Benjamin R. & Brenda F. Hofschulz, Spruce Pine

Dustin N. Hughes, Spruce Pine

Jonathan W. Hughes, Spruce Pine

Yancey County:

Danny C. & Gale Kathryn Bailey, Burnsville

Mario A. & Tara L. Cavicchi, Burnsville

Michael H. Roper, Burnsville

To get information about refunds, go to, then go to “where’s my refund.” Information you will need includes social security number, the filing status of the return and the refund amount. Submit the information and you will get directions on how to resolve the account and get your money. If you do not have access to the internet, first check your records or check with your tax preparer, then call 1-800-829-1040.

Drug and Larceny Arrests in Mitchell 


Mitchell Deputies have charged Gary Ronald Boston, age 50, of Boston Hill Road, in Spruce Pine with several drug charges including manufacturing marijuana with intent to sell and deliver marijuana. His arrest was the result of an investigation into drug activity at the Boston residence in the Estatoe Community of Mitchell County. Boston cooperated with drug investigators and admitted to the drug activity. The arrest was on Tuesday, November 2nd and the charging office was Lieutenant Chris Gillespie.  And, Mitchell Deputies have charged Jaimy Roquemore, age 25, of Brummetts Creek Road, in Bakersville, with felony larceny. The arrest is the result of an investigation earlier this month at a residence in northern Mitchell County, where the accused was working as a contractor. Roquemore was hired by the victim to do restoration work at a residence owned by the victim. According to arresting officer, Chief Deputy Donald Street, Roquemore, was in possession of number of stolen items at the time of his arrest. He was placed under a $6 thousand bond.  The arrest occurred on Wednesday, November 3rd.

Burnsville Applies for Grant 


The Town of Burnsville has applied for a $25 thousand grant from the Community Foundation of Yancey County for a sound system at the Burnsville Community Center, which is now under construction. The center is scheduled for opening in 2005. 

Bombardier in Spruce Pine for Sale 


Published reports are indicating the Spruce Pine Bombardier Plant is for sale. This plant now goes on the market along with Bombardier’s Cherokee County Plant, which has been for sale for about 3 months. Company officials say this does not mean layoffs right now, plans are to keep the plants running until a new owner takes over. Bombardier plants in Mitchell & Cherokee employee about 200 workers.

Recount in Mitchell County 


There has been a change in the results of the race for a seat on the Mitchell Board of Education and one of the candidates has called for a recount. The Mitchell County Board of Elections met Tuesday, November 9, 2004, to canvas and count provisional ballots. 139 provisional ballots were cast, 87 were determined to be valid ballots to be counted. The vote count on Tuesday, November 2nd indicated Incumbent Kathy Miller was re-elected for another term and Roger Burleson had won the second seat available. He won by 6 votes over incumbent Larry Fortner, after the provisional vote count, Fortner won by 4 votes. Thursday Burleson ask for a recount of the votes.  

A recount has also been asked for in the county commissioner’s race. There will be no change in who was elected, Mike Hensley, Jim Saylor and Phil Byrd. What is being challenged is the order of finish which determines how low a commissioner will serve. The top two will serve 4 year terms and the third commissioner will serve a 2 year term. After the provisional count, Hensley remains the top vote getter with 4,908-he will serve a 4 year term. Jim Saylor was next with 4,850 and Phil Byrd had 4,841—a difference of nine votes. Byrd has called for a recount. According to Mitchell Board of Elections Director, Nora Nell Jarrett, a decision on when the recount will take place is a state decision and we should be announced next Tuesday, November 16th.

Spruce Pine Audit Report


Spruce Pine received its audit report for 2003-2004 Monday. Town Manager Richard Canipe says auditor Cody McKinney said the town is in sound financial shape and he had high praise for the town’s staff; Tina Buchanan, Danny Young and Darlene Johnson. Canipe said one reason the town is in such good financial shape is their tax collection rate. For the year ending June 30, 2004, the town had a 98.37% tax collection rate which is much higher than most town's their size.

JROTC at Heritage High School


Mountain Heritage High School has been chosen for the JROTC Program. Dr Ivan Randolph is the Superintendent of Yancey County Schools says the program will begin in the ’05-’06 school year. He appeared before the Yancey Commission Tuesday to request $40-$50 thousand annually for salaries of the instructors for the program. The instructors will be retired military, one half of their salary will come from their retirement, one fourth will be supplied by JROTC and one-fourth will be paid by Yancey County. Commissioners approved Randolph’s request.

Spruce Pine Teen Killed in Wreck


A Spruce Pine Teen was killed last night when the vehicle he was a passenger in wrecked near the Pinebridge Center. The incident occurred around 8:00 pm. According to the Spruce Pine Police Department, the victim is Terry Burleson, age 17, he was a passenger seated in the rear of the vehicle when it left the roadway and went down an embankment landing upside down. Police have charged the driver, Asa Michael Johnson, age 18, of Bakersville, with driving while impaired and reckless driving. He was treated and released from Spruce Pine Community Hospital. There were two other passengers in the vehicle; their names have not been released. One was treated and released from Spruce Pine Community Hospital; the other was taken to Mission Hospital, in Asheville. According to police his injuries were not believed to be life-threatening. The incident is still under investigation by the Spruce Pine Police Department and further charges are pending.

Mitchell Arrests


Mitchell County Deputies have arrested a Marion couple on felony drug charges. Toney Edward Patrick, age 47, of Burleson Road, was charged with possession of Chemicals with intent to manufacture Methamphetamine. Juanita Fox McKinney Mason, age 42, of Hendrix Lane, was charged with shoplifting. Patrick and Mason admitted they had stolen chemicals in the Spruce Pine area with intentions of taking them back to the Marion area to manufacture Methamphetamine. The arrests were made Sunday, October 31st. Lieutenant Chris Gillespie was the charging officer.

Mitchell Deputies have charged a McDowell County Couple with breaking and entering. David Scott Kelly, age 32, and Holly Nicole Wilson, age 23, both of a Woodsong address, in Old Fort were charged with Breaking and entering, possession of stole property and larceny of firearm. The two were arrested as the result of an investigation into an incident that occurred at a residence in the Bakersville area, on October 27th. The couple admitted they had broken into the residence and stole 8 firearms. Kelly admitted he had taken the firearms to different locations and sold them—some of the firearms have been found, Mitchell investigators hare working with McDowell authorities to locate the remaining guns. The investigation is still ongoing and other arrests are expected. Kelly and Wilson each received a $12 thousand bond. The two were arrested Friday, November 5th. Detective Shane Vance was the charging officer.

Woman Falls in Well at McElroy House


What began as an excavation project on a well at the McElroy House, in Burnsville, that dates back to 1840, ended Saturday morning when one of the workers, Elaine Dellinger fell about 40 feet into the well. She was flown to Mission Hospital. According to Jim explains what happened. Jim Priesmyer, the curator at the McElroy House, Dellinger has one compressed and cracked vertebrae at the lower part of her back and will undergo surgery on Wednesday for fractured vertebrae. Priesmyer said she was resting comfortably and is expected to make a full recovery.

Limited Assistance for Flooding


Mitchell County has received a limited amount of funding for victims of the recent flooding. These funds should be available for distribution beginning sometime in the second half of November. Priority will be given to individuals who lost their homes. Minorities are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this assistance. Beginning November 22nd, call Contact Mitchell County Government at 688-2139, for further information.



Burnsville residents will soon be receiving a “use-survey,” from the town to get their input on possible uses of the Community Building which is scheduled for completion in June, 2005. Burnsville Mayor David Grindstaff says the survey has a list of 8 possible uses for the facility and the town wants you to take a few minutes and rank them in order 1-8 as being important to them.

Mitchell Commissioners Endorse Master Plan


Mitchell County Commissioners have passed a resolution supporting a master plan being formulated by the County’s 21st Century Community Steering Committee. Keith Holtzclaw, the Chairman of the Mitchell Economic Development Commission says the proposed master plan identifies the things that need to be done to make sure the county has everything in place, such as infrastructure to recruit industry, and tourism. The NC Department of Commerce established the 21st Century Community program to help economically distressed areas.

Mistrial in Milidene Baker-Wilson Case


 A mistrial has been declared in the fate of Michael David Brown, of Marion accused of the brutal beating and robbery of a Burnsville woman in 2003 (November 5th,)  Authorities say Brown, 35, of Triple J Mobile Home Park, is responsible for almost killing Milidene Baker-Wilson the Burnsville antique shop owner. Charges against Brown include attempted 1st degree murder and felony common law robbery. The Yancey County jury had been in deliberations since Monday and yesterday told Superior Court Judge James Downs that they could no reach a verdict, he declared a mistrial and set January 18th as a new administrative court date.

Election Day 2004


 Longtime Yancey Commissioner John Renfro was defeated Tuesday as Democrats took control of the Yancey County Commission. For Chairman, Danny Hensley received 51.1%, Renfro received 48.6%. For Commissioner, 2 seats available, Democrats Dean Hicks, the incumbent and political newcomer Nathan Bennett were the top vote getters in the Commissioners race. Hicks received 27.1%, Bennett 25.4%, Blaine Whitson, the incumbent Republican, 24.1% and Republican Freddy Penland 23.4%. Register of Deeds Willoree Jobe ran unopposed.

In Mitchell County, for County Commission, 3 seats available, Republicans swept the top three spots with Mike Hensley receiving 28.9%, Jim Saylor 28.6% and Phil Byrd 28.4%. Unaffiliated candidate Keith Renfro 14.1%.  Register of Deeds Patty Young ran unopposed. For Mitchell County Board of Education, current board member Kathy Miller was the top vote getter with 27.5%. Newcomer Roger Burleson beat incumbent Larry Fortner 3,434 to 3,428—both receiving 26.5% of the vote. Because of provisional ballots which will be counted November ninth,  there could be a change for the number two spot. Tammy Rousseau received 14.7% and Sherry Huskins 4.8%.

For the NC Senate, 47th District, Yancey County Republican Keith Presnell defeated the incumbent Joe Sam Queen, a Democrat; 37,441 to 33,892. (47th represents Avery, Haywood, Madison, McDowell, Mitchell and Yancey)

For the NC House, 84th district, Republican Phillip Frye won easily over Libertarian challenger C Barry Williams. (84th represents Avery, Caldwell, Mitchell and most of Yancey)

For Congress (10th District) Patrick McHenry (R) defeated Anne Fischer (D).  The 10th represents Avery, Mitchell and 8 other mountain counties.

For Congress (11th District) Charles Taylor ® defeated Patsy Keever (D). The 11th represents Madison, McDowell, Yancey and 12 other mountain counties.


County Approves Funds for Mitchell Schools


Mitchell Commissioners, by a 3-2 vote, approved most of a funding request from the School System Monday night. Ryan Whitson, County Manager, said Commissioners allocated $100 thousand from the County’s fund balance for building handicapped ramps at Mitchell High & at Harris Middle School. The total cost of the project is around $127 thousand. Commissioners Slagle, Anderson and Burleson voted in favor of the motion, Commissioners Hollifield and Masters voted against the request.

Big Turnout Expected


Today is Election Day; the polls will be open until 7:30 pm. And if “one stop voting” is an indictor of the vote expected today then the turnout could be big. Across North Carolina close to a million voters took advantage of “one stop.” Mitchell County had 2,269 early voters and over 500 absentee ballot requests, Yancey had 2,539 and around 800 absentee ballots requests. A word of caution to voters, voting “Straight Party,” does not include voting for President. The ballot has four sections, first is President, and second is straight party voting, third is non-partisan and fourth is Constitutional Amendments. To make sure your vote counts: vote for president, then vote straight party--or for individual offices which includes state and federal offices and County offices. Then vote non partisan, which includes judges, board of education, soil & water. Then, vote for Constitutional Amendments.

Smoking the Sewers


The Town of Bakersville is “Smoking the Sewers,” in an attempt to locate any leaks in the system. This may cause smoke to come into a structure. The Town of Bakersville will be “smoking the Sewers,” today and tomorrow.

Woman Rescued From Wrecked Car


A woman has been pulled from her wrecked vehicle on the Blue Ridge Parkway, after spending the night trapped inside Rescue crews worked several hours to get the driver out alive. She'd was pinned in the car after driving off an embankment. She had been discovered by bikers. When the driver was found she was not only alive but awake and responsive, paramedics and flight nurses from the waiting hospital helicopter tended to her. Her legs were pinned in and the jaws of life were to big to work through the mangled metal so smaller tools had to be used. Her dog was also pinned in the vehicle.  He suffered some injuries, but is expected to be fine. The entire rescue effort took about three hours. The driver was airlifted to Mission Hospitals where she underwent surgery. Her name wasn’t released, but officials say she's from Weaverville.







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